Stay On Track Outback

Posted on 21/11/13

The "Stay on Track Outback" campaign is a road safety initiative of the Queensland Police Service and the brainchild of Dominic Richardson, the police officer in the tiny town of Tambo, in Queensland's south-west.

Queensland's regional police experience a surge in accidents on outback roads each winter tourist season, caused by tourists unfamiliar with hazards such as gravel roads, long distances between towns, wildlife crossings and road trains. Many of them have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their rigs and are relatively new to the nomad lifestyle but whose driving experience is often largely limited to suburban commuting and freeways. Most would not have towed much previously and few will undertake a towing education course prior to hitching up.

The website is definitely not designed to discourage outback and regional travel, indeed it offers suggestions and ideas on how to enjoy the journey and arrive safely. With this awareness, regional roads are in many cases easier to travel whilst towing than those in the city.

The "Stay on Track Outback" website has links to over 20 other relevant websites covering emergancies, road conditions, weather, fire & rescue, mobile phone coverage, road safety, travel and caravanning information, outback driving etiquate and heaps more - a really interesting website.

You can find the "Stay on Track Outback" website here.

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