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Daly Waters

The original and the best outback steakhouse

About Daly Waters

Daly Waters - Famous Daly Waters Pub

A township of 23 people comprises a few houses and the very famous Daly Waters Hotel 620 km south of Darwin and 7 km west of the Stuart Highway

In 1893 the Daly Waters Pub was built as a drover's rest, the mob always staging here for stores and a night out for the boys before tackling the Murranji leg of the drove. It is one of the oldest buildings in the Northern Territory.

The tiny settlement was named by John McDouall Stuart during his third epic attempt to cross Australia from south to north. Stuart named the springs after the new Governor of South Australia, Sir Dominick Daly.

On the way into town is the Stuart Tree with a plaque which reads: 'The explorer John McDouall Stuart is presumed to have carved the initial S on this tree on 23 May 1862 during his successful journey from Adelaide to Darwin 1861-62. Erected by the Northern Territory Forces in 1944’.

The Overland Telegraph Line reached Daly Waters in June,1872. The line was finally completed on 22 August, 1872.

Daly Waters Airstrip

On the way into town is the Daly Water Airstrip. It was constructed initially about 1930 for the Daly Waters Airmail run. It later became a major staging point for interstate and international airlines. It was declared a RAAF station on 18 March 1942.


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