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There's no bull about Boulia. Is this a myth that can be busted, or are these mysterious Min Min lights for real. In the dark of the night, it has been reported that many people have see a bright light resembling a fluorescent ball, hovering in the air.

About Boulia

Boulia – Min Min Country

Hundreds of people have told of seeing the Min Min Light in the Boulia district.  The light got its name from the old Min Min pub and mail-change, which used to stand on the boundary of two big stations -Warenda and Lucknow.

But there’s more to Boulia than just the
Min Min lights.

Boulia Shire encompasses over 61,000 square kilometres of some of Australia’s most stunning scenery and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Fishing, sightseeing and bird watching can all be enjoyed.

Situated 300 kms south of Mount Isa at the junction of the Diamantina and Kennedy Development Road, Boulia is acknowledged as the Capital of the Channel Country, which gives rise to the great rivers that flow west to Lake Eyre.

Boulia Events

Every Easter, the Boulia Rodeo, Camp-draft and Races is held and Rodeo riders from all around converge to compete on the best bucking stock.

Boulia Camel Races in July attract people from all over the world. There’s food, dancing and a fireworks spectacular.

Boulia is a place to get away from it all and have fun any time in the year – and you may even see that Min Min light.


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