Outback Towns


The town made famous for the Stockman's Hall of Fame is located in the middle of woop woop in outback Queensland.

About Longreach

Longreach....literally is a long reach from anywhere, however it was named because of the 'long reach' of the Thomson river on which this wonderful outback town lays beside. Situated 1170 km north-west of Brisbane in the 'heart' of Queensland's outback, Longreach is surrounded, and supported by some of Australia's best grazing country. Empires and legends were built on these Mitchell grass plains on the back of Australia's booming sheep and cattle industry.

With the realisation that these industries were losing grip on the force they once were, Longreach has now built itself a new identity around the evergrowing outback tourism market, whilst not losing the charm or ambling pace of days gone by. Unlike most towns where people pass through on there way to somewhere afar, Longreach with icons like the Stockman's Hall of Fame and Qantas Founders Outback Museum, is one of a very few number of Australian towns that can lay claim to being an outback destination. With every convenience at hand and a tourism market as strong as the local heart beat, travellers find themselves lost in an era past for weeks on end!

Any day of the week in Longreach could involve an early morning stroll around some of the towns unique architecture, or garden walks (noting that all of the streets are named after birds), followed by a shop, or coffee and cake down Eagle St, then off to see one of the towns array of museums, a visit (and maybe a small donation) to the School of Distance Education or Australian Agricultural College, ending in a sunset river cruise or to witness one of the last true outback theatres. The choice is up to you!

For the more 'action attraction' type, Longreach is also home to some of the bush's biggest and best Rodeo, Horse Racing and Fishing events.

So if it's action and attraction you're looking for, all rolled into one...checkout Longreach!


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