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Cape York is seen by adventurers, travellers and 4wders as Australia’s last frontier, isolated and the last accessible wilderness.

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About Cape York Peninsula

Cape York Peninsula is an area of relatively flat land covering approx. 137,000 sq. km, at the northern most point of both Queensland and Australia (the pointy end).

The peninsula is bordered on three sides by water; to the North is Torres Strait, to the East - the Coral Sea and to the West, the Gulf of Carpentaria; the unofficial southern boundary runs approximately around 16°S latitude; a short distance south of Lakeland.

Population is sparse with settlements at Lakeland, Laura, Coen, Weipa and Bamaga as well as many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Travellers are also supported by roadhouses at Hann River, Musgrave, Archer River, Moreton Telegraph Station and Bramwell Station along the Peninsula Developmental Road and Telegraph Road.

There are several side trips that can be taken to places like Palmer River Goldfields, Weipa, Lakefield NP, Port Stewart, Captain Billy Landing, Lockhart River and Iron Range National Park to name a few, but will require planning, extra fuel and sometimes permits as some of the trip will traverse Aboriginal or private land.

Cape York is seen by adventurers, travellers and 4wders as Australia’s last frontier, isolated and the last accessible wilderness.

The trip will require proper and thorough research and planning, well serviced and reliable high clearance 4wd vehicles and well prepared and experienced drivers.

Road and track conditions vary to the extent that the almost 800kms from Lakeland to the “tip” might take several days, with rough corrugations, creek and river crossings and washouts all taking a toll on travellers and vehicles.

Campgrounds and units or cabins are located at most roadhouses and settlements along the Peninsula Developmental Road and Telegraph Road as well as campgrounds at most of the side-trip locations.

Fuel and Basic supplies are available at most roadhouses and towns (subject to availability) with supermarkets in Weipa, Seisia and Bamaga. Mechanical repairs are available at some roadhouses and towns, but parts might not be available and require freighting in.

Health services are located in selected communities with the main hospital in Cairns and pharmacies are limited to Cairns and Weipa. There are no regular aircraft charter services operating on Cape York.

This is a trip that should not be taken lightly as the area is remote; and breakdowns, accidents, rescues and recoveries will be expensive, difficult, slow or in extreme circumstances not possible.

Mobile phone and other communications at best are limited and in most places non-existent. Travellers to Cape York are advised to be well prepared and self-sufficient.


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