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Last call for passengers to the "Outback". Located 740 km WNW of Brisbane with a population of around 3500, Charleville is known as the "hub" of the South West.

About Charleville

Dont drink the Warrego water

Locals say once you drink the water from the Warrego river which runs through (and once every 100 years, all over) Charleville, you'll be hooked.

Located 740 km WNW of Brisbane with a population of around 3500, Charleville is known as the "hub" of the South West.

The area around Charleville was first explored by Edmund Kennedy during his 1847 journey through the area.

The name Charleville, although originally coming from France, was the name given by Pioneer surveyer of the area William Tully after his childhood home in County Cork, Ireland. With the rapid development of Charleville, came a Pub on every corner, a local cordial works, four saw mills, butcheries and most importantly, the rail line in 1888.

Being on a permanent water hole meant Charleville was a popular stopover for drovers using the extensive network of stock routes in the area. Even Cobb & Co had a coach building factory there from 1893-1920.

Last call for passengers to the "Outback" 

Charleville also lays claim, in 1922, to have provided the first freight service of a little airline called Qantas, delivering small freight and mail to Cloncurry.

Away from the name dropping , there is no doubt the most important planes to have taken off from Charleville Airport would be the Royal Flying Doctors Service. Charleville acts as the southern Queensland base for the R.F.D.S and without these guys, the men, women and children which reside in this great outback of ours, when ill or injured, would be lost to the remoteness. Please don't forget this when visiting the base as I'm sure donations would be kindly recieved. The base is situated on the Old Cunnamulla Rd and is open from 8.00am-4.00pm daily.

Wind up or wind down

Charleville is another one of those outback towns where you can cram your itinary full of events and attractions or simply lay back and unwind! There are many interesting places to see and activites to do around Charleville.  You can enjoy magical stargazing, jazz under the stars and relaxing by the banks of the Warrego River.


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