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Described as being in the "middle of nowhere"

About Jundah


Unlike driving through other 'blink and you'll miss em' outback towns, Jundah, you have to make a turn, actually use your indicators! Maybe because of this impediment, alot of people are taking the time to stop and realise that this little town 'rocks'. And by 'rocks', I dont mean the Opal's that are found here, but the actual existence of a proud population of Jundites that sure know how to make a stranger feel welcome, and surprisingly offer so much to do!

With a population, according to Kathy the local store owner , of "about 105 and a bit?", and  with a location that is fairly described as "being in the middle of nowhere", one could have the first impression that not much would go on here, and perhaps one could also wonder why the bloody hell anyone would want to live here!
But it soon comes to attention the moment you start speaking to any of the locals, that they're damn proud of Jundah. They find more to keep them active than their city cousins and they are'nt goin nowhere! (Except for a bit over Xmas when the temperature can get to nearly 50°)

No matter whether you're staying at the caravan park, motel or camped by riverside, everything in town is just a short walk away.
You might start the day with a brisk walk out to the river, or around the towns streets, taking in the quiet charm and simplicity of real outback living. Next a visit to Kathy's store for supplies, or kick back and let Kathy whip you up some bacon and eggs while you wait. While you wait, say g'day to a local, they are always up for a yarn, keen to tell you all about their town, or someone in it. If you are there for breakfast, you are most likely to meet Norm, a true old gentleman who cruises in on his scooter every morning for one of Kathy's famous feeds.
After you are fed, directly across the road between the shop and the caravan park is the Jundah garden of rememberance park with beautifully manicured lawns and rose gardens, also featuring a display of historic wagons.
From here it's just around the corner to the Barcoo Shire Museum. With a wonderful collection of local history and relics from the past including shoe soles made from car tyres, furniture fashioned out of early century petrol cans and packing boards and the mysterious "Barcoo Dog"


  • Medical Centre
  • Dump Point