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Miles is a small town located 346 kms north west of Brisbane accessible via the Leichardt and Warrego Highways. The highlight of the town is undoubtably the Miles Historical Museum, with it's amaizing recreation of a typical turn of the century Qld country town.

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Miles – Historic Village in a Quiet Town

In 1878, when the railway from Brisbane ran into trouble crossing Dogwood Creek, railway workers settled nearby. The small town became, for a time, the railhead for supplies to the west.

This town was known as Dogwood Crossing but later became ‘Miles’ in honour of William Miles, the owner of Dulacca Station, a local Member of Parliament and the Queensland Colonial Secretary.

Miles is 339 km west of Brisbane on the Warrego Highway. Dogwood Creek was named by the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt when he passed through the area in 1844 on his journey to Port Essington in the Northern Territory.

Miles Historical Village

The highlight of the excellent Miles Historical Village and Museum is Pioneer Street, an accurate recreation of a Queensland country town's main street at the turn of the century. It contains a post office, general store, a bakery and a pub. The complex also features the old Australian Bank of Commerce, the Murilla Express building, an old cafe and Andersen's Smithy where the famous Condamine Bell was first made.

Also a must see is the Dogwood Crossing@Miles Centre, which was opened in September 2002. One of its roles is to display snippets of the social history of Murilla Shire by recording local stories. It was designed to compiliment the Miles Historical Museum as well as housing an Art Gallery, Library and IT Centre.


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