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Australia becomes connected! On 18 October 1872, Charles Todd heard the news that the it was the first day that Australia was connected with the rest of the world via undersea cable.

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About Beltana

How the Town began

The area was surveyed in 1864, however the first blocks were not up for sale until the 1870s . The following years saw the town become one of the main Railway towns on what was then called The North Line , as being on the way to Alice Springs and the train being the Ghan. Also in the 1870s-1880s a very successful breeding program with camels was established on Beltana Station. Two men who were responsible for bringing camels to Australia were Sir Thomas Elder and Mr Charles Stuckey. Therefore due to these two men The Camel Industry or another part of The Transportation Industry of Australia had begun. The town was a popular thoroughfare as it had a Railway Station, Post office which was able to relay Morse code, General Store, One Hotel and then a second hotel in later years, a school from year 1 to 7, Saddlers Shop, Blacksmithing Shop, Police Station complete with cells, Cemetery, Butcher Shop, Hospital, Church and numerous homes.

The Decline of Beltana:

The demise of Beltana occurred in the mid to late 1950s with the closure of the Railway Line. Due to this, people moved away into other towns, to where they were able to obtain work. Then in later years the main road through to Marree also changed, the old road used to go past the Railway station but the new road was moved six miles to the west.

Whats to see.

  • The Railway station - now a private residence
  • The Cemetery
  • Two Hotels - one a private residence and the other an Art Gallery
  • The Police Station and Cells - now a private residence
  • The School which is privately owned
  • The Presbyterian Church
  • The Post Office - now a private residence
  • The Hospital- Australian Inland Mission- now privately owned 
  • The Butcher shop- now privately owned
  • Small Museum

The Roadhouse is situated on the Main Road to Leigh Creek. It is about 12 kilometres from the roadhouse to the township. There is petrol and diesel available plus takeaway light meals, cigarettes, alcohol, souvenirs, ice and a assortment of grocery lines including bread/milk. It is open from 8:30am to 6pm 7days a week. Gas is available at Copley and Leigh Creek.


  • Fuel