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Once regarded as exclusively a mining town, locals have banded together to showcase another outback South Australian hidden gem.

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About Leigh Creek

Welcome to Leigh Creek

Long regarded as a 'closed' mining town only, the volunteers of the Leigh Creek Regional Visitor Information have come a long way to now drawing thousands of tourists per year to this unique and remote little outback town.

An Oasis in the Desert

One of the first attractions to town is the tree lined streets, over a period of time almost 250000 native trees were planted, many being of the Eucalyptus variety and having the towns streets named after them.
Now known as quite an environmentally friendly town, it is located about 20km from where the large Coal mine and original township began.
All water in town is sourced from nearby Aroona Dam and is recycled to keep the town the little Oasis in the desert that it has become.

No Room for the Lazy

One of the most unique quirks of the town is the fact that all residents must at least work over 20 hours per week and once retirement age is reached, it's time to pack the bags and make way for your replacement.


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