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Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is a must for opal lovers. The town attracts approximately 500,000 visitors a year on their journey to the top end. It is famous for opal and is uniquely known for its underground homes.

About Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy – Opal Capital of the World

Coober Pedy, in a moon-scape like gibber plain, is an opal mining town of approx 3,500 located on the sealed Stuart Highway some 850 km north of Adelaide. It is the world’s largest producer of opal, first discovered by Willie Hutchinson, aged 15 years, in February 1915.

View the amazing scenery

Breakaways - Striking flat - topped mesas and stony gibber desert - breathtaking views, and Moon Plain - a vast expanse of rocky plains unlike anywhere else.

The Big Winch - A lookout gives the visitor a "bird's eye" view of the town

After World War 1, returning soldiers introduced the unusual method of living underground in "dugouts", as many had done in the trenches of France. You can visit many of these fascinating underground homes and businesses.

Crocodile Harry's Underground Nest. One of Coober Pedy's most infamous characters lives in one of the most bizarre dugouts featured in "Mad Max - Beyond the Thunderdome".

Desert Cave, Gallery & The Levels "underground" Bar - the world's only truly underground bar and gaming room.

Fayes Underground Home - excavated in the original method using picks and shovels and a lot of blood, sweats and tears, and the Old Timer's Mine is an original opal mine dating back to 1916.

The Underground Art Gallery - A unique selection of some of central Australia's finest artists in an underground setting.

Umoona Opal Mine & Museum - underground museum with detailed historical content and the Underground Potteries.

One of the best ways to see Coober Pedy is when the town comes a buzz with the annual Coober Pedy Opal Festival.


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Coober Pedy! You've never seen anything like it!!!