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Feel the rush of the golden era. Bendigo's heritage is highlighted by the rich gold mining and industry of the 1850's, when miners flocked to the town and surrounding region in search of wealth and fortune.

About Bendigo

Bendigo – Victorian Goldrush Town

The town of Bendigo, population 98,000 grew out of Australia’s goldrush days of the 1850’s where thousands of fortune seekers from around the world lived in tents and appalling conditions to grub riches from the dirt.

Now it is a modern city rich in culture. The Cathedral and the Alexandria Fountain are special landmarks and you will enjoy the art galleries and Victorian architecture as well as delightful coffee shops and restaurants. The Old Post Office houses Bendigo's Tourist Information Centre.

Bendigo Attractions

The Golden Dragon Museum is considered to contain the world's best collection of Chinese processional regalia and the world's longest Imperial Dragons; Sun Loong and Loong.

Bendigo Pottery Tourism Complex- Marvel at the glaze lining the walls from 100 years of salt glaze firings and choose to a purchase from the quality pottery range.

Bendigo Vintage Talking Trams- Ride on an old tram and learn all about Bendigo.

Central Deborah Gold Mine- Don your hard hat and experience the activity of a real gold mine. You can travel 61 metres underground on a fully guided tour and see early mining equipment, buildings and machinery on the surface displays.

Bendigo the bare-knuckle boxer

The town was named after a boxer.  Abednego William Thompson whose first name, a Biblical reference, was reduced to 'Bendigo'. This nickname was given to a shepherd at Ravenswood Run because he was a good boxer. In turn a local creek was named Bendigo and thus it was that this impressive city became known as Bendigo. For much of its life the town/city was known as 'Sandhurst'. It wasn't until 1891 that it was officially named Bendigo.


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