Outback Towns


Esperance is a beautiful coastal town located approximately 720 kilometres south east of Perth on Western Australia’s south east coast.

About Esperance

Its coastline is spectacular and unspoilt with squeaky white sand and turquoise water. Esperance has been voted Australia's whitest sand, Western Australia's most popular beach and Australia's best beaches. It is home to the Cyclops wave, one of the world’s heaviest with massive amounts of water unloading on shallow reef.

Esperance also has a number of wind turbines supplying electricity to the town which is an amassing site and nearby are a number of salt lakes, including Pink Lake, which gains its rosy hue from red algae. A great scenic drive from the town centre is the 38km Great Ocean Drive, which takes in the beautiful surfing and fishing beaches, the wind farm and the Pink Lake.

One of Esperance's greatest assets is its National Parks.  There are four in the region which comprise one-fifth of the total Shire area.  The Cape Le Grand National Park offers a picturesque coast of largely granite terrain and sheltered white sand beaches. The park is a popular spot for recreational fishing, as well as four wheel drive enthusiasts and hikers. This is where you can see kangaroos lazing on the beach. Further east is Cape Arid, which is also a popular park for camping, fishing and hiking.

Also, there is the Archipelago of the Recherche Reserve, a group of 105 islands and more than 1500 islets. You can view quite a few of the islands from the Great Ocean Drive and the town lookouts. Here, you can see amazing wildlife including sea eagles, and colonies of sea lions and fur seals. Many of the smaller islands are granite outcrops while one of the largest, known as Woody Island, offers camping, bushwalking, fishing and swimming.


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