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About Nyngan

Nyngan on the Bogan

Nyngan is a country town by the Bogan River at the start of the Barrier Highway.

With some 3500 people the town is 72km from the geographic the centre of NSW. A Cairn made from "slag", taken from the old Tottenham Mount Royal Copper Mine marks the spot.

Home of the Ngiyambaa Aborigines, the area was explored by Thomas Mitchell who recorded the local Aboriginal word 'nyingan', said to mean 'long pond of water'.

Blue Arrow Walking Tour

A self guided walk explains history of the town. Some of the historic buildings are the town hall, courthouse and post office, and a number of private homes from the 1890s. Barrett's Hotel, in Nymagee St, was built in 1865, then rebuilt after a fire in 1884. The Heritage Coffee Shop is located in a building which was once the Nyngan Hotel (1883).

Nyngan Atttractions

The old railway station has been restored and converted into an historical museum with a display relating to the 1990 flood and the old telephone exchange.

Vanges Park Helicopter

In the park is a helicopter, a gift from the Australian Government to commemorate April 1990 when 2000 people, nearly the entire population, were evacuated, largely by helicopter, due to the breaching of the levee by record floodwaters.

Nyngan Memorial Sculpture

The Pioneer Memorial sculpture of a drover, his dog and a mob of sheep.

Nyngan Rotary Park

Rotary Park, on the western bank of the Bogan River, adjacent the Mitchell Highway, is a pleasant rest area with a miniature rainforest.