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As Henry Lawson says…'if you know Bourke, you know Australia.'

Every Australian should visit Bourke to get a sense of what the outback character and lifestyle is all about.  As you can appreciate, there is a very unique story to tell of Bourke.  To understand it, you need to hear it from Bourke's best story teller. 

Stuart Johnson will take you on a 3-4 hour discovery tour of the town where you will absorb first hand the past and present stories of the outback's most famous town.

The Mateship Country Tours covers Bourke's heritage, high tech citrus and grape farming, at Back 'o' Bourke Fruits , Darling Farms, Clyde Agriculture who are now the largest landowners in Australia.

Expect to see cotton farms with some of the country's largest water storage systems and you'll be impressed with the Jojoba and Pera Bore.

The tour consistently earns the highest praise from both domestic and international visitors.  It is a must see for any traveller.  Over 45,000 people have enjoyed the tour over the past 11 years.  

You will also discover the legend of the mighty Darling River and its robust steamboat history.  Stu will take you to one of the most amazing natural attractions in the outback – the Mysterious Oxley.  

You will be captivated by the stories, and will get a chance to experience a sense of the special identity of this famous watering hole.  This oasis was a rendevous for swaggies, drovers, and bullock drivers.

Dont miss one of the best tours the outback has to offer! 

Experience the Mateship Country Tours today!

Location: Leaves from the Tourist Information Centre in Anson St (pick-up available by prior arrangement only).

Tour includes:

  • History and old buildings
  • Cotton farms and Cotton Gin (April to August)
  • High tech orchard and vineyard
  • Irrigation pump sites
  • Jojoba bean plantations

Booking Details: 

Mateship Country Tours take 3.5 hours and run six days per week, we can organise pick-up from your hotel room.  Bookings are essential and a minimum of five people is required:

Day: Time: Ticket Type                                  
Monday to Friday 2.00pm – 5:30 pm Adults    $27.50  Concession $25
Saturday 9:30am – 1:00 pm Children $15 (Family discount available)

For Bookings contact the Tourist Office

Mateship Country Tours
Leaving from the Bourke Visitor Information Centre
Bourke  NSW  2840