Bedourie Camel Races (Quirky Events)


Bedourie Events

Sat, 08 Jul 17

Part of the Western Queensland Camel Festival.

A slice of Camel racing history in outback Australia.

The Camel has come along way from the days of being used as a pack animal by the early Australian explorers in the late 1800's. In the early 1900's camel racing in the Australian outback came in the form of picnic days.

As the event grew with popularity so did the prize money and the outback towns of Australia now reconize camel racing events and festivals as a major tourist draw card.

So come and join all the fun at the Bedourie Camel Races.

The day will consist of Camel Racing and novelty events that cater for all the family with fantastic prizes up for grabs.

We may even throw in a “Wood Chopping” event if we can round up some volunteers. The festival caters for all with fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Come and enjoy the great food, bar, music and dancing at the Bedourie race track

Sky Channel, Bookmaker Facilities, Southern Races and Race Commentary will be available all day at the track.

And yes….there is FREE camping at the track!


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