Blackdown Tableland National Park


Duaringa Tours and Attractions

Blackdown Tableland is an undulating plateau of sandstone which rises above the dry plains of Central Queensland to form the northern extension of the Central Highlands Sandstone Belt. The plateau is about 600 metres above the surrounding area and is bounded by precipitous cliffs 60 to 350 metres high.

Woodlands, tall open forest and heath cover the tableland, which is dissected by deep gorges. In sheltered areas, ferns and mosses thrive in damp environments fed by the plateau's streams. A number of species on the Tableland are found nowhere else, such as the Blackdown stringybark, a macrozamia, red bottlebrush, the Blackdown “monster” (a type of underground cricket), and a Christmas beetle.

Stop and enjoy the view over the surrounding grazing lands from Horseshoe Lookout. Look for wildlife around the creeks or go spotlighting at night. Wildflower season is one of the best times to visit.

Discover Aboriginal culture and see the stencil art along the Mimosa Creek cultural trail. Fit walkers can walk through open forest to a spectacular gorge at the bottom of Rainbow Falls. Cool off in the rock pool.

Camping is allowed at the South Mimosa Creek camping area. The camping area is self-registration except during Easter, Christmas, school holidays and public holiday weekends, when pre-booking is essential via the QPWS Emerald office. Bookings are taken up to three months in advance for these times.