Cameron Corner Store (Caravan, Camping & Cabins)



Cameron Corner is the most remote location in outback New South Wales, and one of the busiest.  Each year several thousand people pass this way, either heading toward the Strzelecki Track, or into the Corner Country from South Australia.  Some even cross over from Queensland. 

Until 1989 travellers could not purchase fuel, meals or accommodation at Cameron Corner. That all changed when Sandy Nall built the Store. 

Today Cheryl and Fenn Miller ( formerly of Port Douglas) call Cameron Corner home.

Ask Cheryl why she lives where she lives she'll probably say that she "loves the remoteness, quietness and the desert, the people you meet, and the locals…"

The Cameron Corner Store is open seven days a week for meals, fuel, and minor vehicle repairs.

Cameron Corner is located 140 km west of Tibooburra, at the junction of the New South Wales, South Australian and Queensland borders.

Cameron Corner Store is location on the Queensland side of the Wild Dog Fence.

When travelling from New South Wales, pass through the border gate and take the track that veers slightly to the right.  This will lead straight to the store, which you can see just a hundred or so metres away.

From South Australia, take the left fork toward the store before passing through the gate into New South Wales

From Noccundra/Dig Tree travel direct to Cameron Corner and then on to Tibooburra – Milparinka.