Castlereagh River


Gilgandra Tours and Attractions

Gilgandra's 'upside down' river 

Gilgandra is situated on the Castlereagh River, which is known as an 'upside down' river that flows mostly beneath the sand for much of the year.

Gaining it's name from the first secretary of state for the new Australian colonies,  Lord Castlereagh, it was first explored by John Oxley in 1918.

The river starts in the area north of Dubbo and goes through the towns of Gilgandra, Mendooran, Binnaway and Coonabarabran amongst others before flowing into the Darling River.
The Darling River is the longest river in Australia and itself flows into the Murray River forming a part of the largest river system in the continent.
The catchment of the Murray-Darling Basin including the tributary of the Castlereagh River drains about twenty percent of the continental surface area of Australia.

The bridge crossing of the Castlereagh in town is named the 'Jack Renshaw' Bridge, after the former New South Wales Labour Premier, who was in power from 30th April 1964 – 13th May 1965.

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