Fairbairn Dam and Lake Maraboon


Emerald Tours and Attractions

Fairbairn Dam and Lake Maraboon are holiday destinations in themselves! The lake is stocked with 8 different kinds of fish including barramundi, but is famous for the Red Claw Crayfish. These native crayfish are refreshingly unfussy when it comes to bait – anything from fruit to vegies and do biscuits will do the trick.

Located just south of Emerald, in Queensland’s Central Highlands, Fairbairn Dam itself was opened in 1972 allowing for the expansion of current day agricultural practises and large-scale coal mining within the region.

Fairbairn Dam refers to the spillway and Lake Maraboon, meaning ‘where the back duck fly’, refers to the body of water behind the spillway. This huge expanse of water is three times the size of Sydney Harbour and is home to a number of waterfowl and native marine life.

You can simply relax by the lake, take a swim or make use of the provided picnic tables and free electric or wood barbecue’s. For those individual’s seeking more of an adventure Lake Maraboon also caters to water-skiers, fisherman and other water crafts.

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