Mitchell Camel & Pig Races (Quirky Events)


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Sat, 26 Aug 17

Winner: 2014 Mitchell Australia Day Award for the Community Event of the Year.

The Mitchell Show Society is once again getting ready to host the Camel & Pig Races, coinciding with the weekend before the Birdsville Races.

The event won the 2014 Mitchell Australia Day Award for the Community Event of the Year with the committee secretary, Lainie Morris, winning the 2014 Mitchell Australia Day citizen of the year.

The camel races will feature a Calcutta race program with prize money for first, second and third place along with the Camel Cup final. Camels will be auctioned before each race with the winning bidder or syndicate nominating the jockey. We will also have a $2 Sweepstake with each race for those who would like to join in the fun. Camels are provided by John Richardson from The Big Camel.

The Pig Races will see a field of 6 to 8 professionally trained, purebred Miniature piglets dash from the starting gate (responding to themed music) and race through the purpose built course. 

Everyone will love cheering on the piggies (wearing coloured jackets) as they race to a bowl of goodies hidden at the finish line. Along the way the will encounter various obstacles such as hay bales, ramps, tyres, and trapdoor gates.

We auction each of the piglets to the highest bidder, with 50% of the total raised going to the winner and 50% to a chosen cause which will be the Mitchell Show Society.

Also one of the 'retired' miniature racing pigs (valued at $350-00) will be donated to be auctioned with the proceeds going to the Mitchell Show Society.

Live music by Neil Duddy, a versatile, spontaneous and unpredictable entertainer. Celebrating over 20 years as a professional entertainer, Neil’s down to earth attitude and magnetic personality is well respected within the Australian Country Music Industry.

Full bar and canteen operating plus Market Stalls

$15 Single $30 Family