Nyngan Museum


Tours and Attractions

The Museum is located in the Railway Square and is open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.

On display are:

  • Boards depicting our history from 1835 when Major Mitchell first ventured  down the Bogan River to find many waterholes
  • Photographs and history of the Nyngan area
  • Video and Photographs of the Nyngan 1990 Flood
  • Audio room where older Nyngan residents' stories can be heard
  • Display of a 1800's kitchen from Gilgione Station
  • A railway display showing the important role the railway played in the history of Nyngan. On display is the railway switchboard, several pieces of luggage, and railway lanterns
  • The switchboard from the local telephone exchange. One of five that made up the Switchboard Information Service of the Post Office from 1854 to 1975
  • Microfilm reader – with micro film of the Nyngan Newspapers from 1898 to 1996
  • Scale model of the Girilambone Copper Company along with many samples of Ore