Pine View Station (Farm Stays, Station Stays)


Broken Hill Accommodation

Pine View Station is a working sheep and cattle property located 180 kms from Broken Hill on the Silverton to Hawker Gate Road. It is owned and operated by Mark and Jenny Lacey and their young family.

Mark and Jenny are organic farmers with certification for their practices on Pine View.

Pine View has significant historic sites, with one of the most important being the “yellow waterhole” on Flood's Creek which was used by Charles Sturt's 1844-45 Central Australian Expedition.

Some forty kilometres of boundary fence is also the Wild Dog Fence, built in the late 1900s as a rabbit proof fence, but converted to the Wild Dog Fence in 1916.

Pine View features undulating red sand-hills and has areas of creek flood out country, off Flood's Creek.

There are many opportunities for photographers, bushwalkers or bird watchers. 

 Pine View also offers the opportunity for registered hunters to hunt feral pigs on the property, please contact us for more information.

Pine View is located along the NSW/SA border, the “dingo fence”, and is also home to one of Captain's Sturts campsites where he stayed as he explored the outback looking for the great “inland sea”.

It  is location 180 kilometres from Broken Hill. From Broken Hill take the road to Yanco Glen, then take the well marked gravel road past Mt Gipps and Corona,  across the Barrier Ranges


Stay on the main road for the entire journey.