Stonehenge Bronco Branding, Rodeo & Gymkhana (Outback Festivals)


Stonehenge Events

Sat, 13 Aug 16 – Sun, 14 Aug 16

Stonehenge Bronco Branding

Once used to refer to an untrained horse or one that habitually bucks or was prone to unpredictable behaviour, the term ‘Bronco’ now generally refers to the modern rodeo bucking horse, which is a domestic animal specifically bred for its bucking ability and raised for the rodeo.

Stonehenge in Central West Queensland is a small town whose name originated from drovers who found the area and upon deciding it to be a safe crossing of the Thomson River, built a stone 'fortress' for the men to use as a camp. The 'fortress' eventually fell to ruins and consequently the town was named. Stonehenge is located approximately 1350kms north-west of Brisbane.

‘Bronco Branding’ is Australia’s traditional and unique method of branding stock in the bush, it has been practiced on most large stations throughout Australia. Bronco branding is now a competitive sport, first performed in Alice Springs in 1984, with Stonehenge holding the first Queensland ‘Bronco Branding’ event in August 1991.

Stonehenge continues to host a ‘Bronco Branding’ event in August of each year with a horsemanship school being conducted on the Thursday and Friday prior to the event. The weekend brings visitors from near and far and has a variety of events sure to entertain everyone, including – a gymkhana, stockman’s challenge, rodeo, team penning and bronco branding.  There is live entertainment on the Saturday night, food will be available from Friday afternoon and a bar operates throughout the weekend!

Whether you are in need of a new and unique experience or you are a horse lover, come along to Stonehenge and join in the excitement at the annual Bronco Branding event.

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