Buying A Gel Blaster? Safety Tips and Measures You Need to Know


Owning a gel blaster is pretty cool. However, there’s a couple of things you should know about safety. Luckily for you, we’ll be running through them below, so keep reading.

Don’t Point It at Anyone’s Face

Whatever you do, you don’t want to point the gel blaster in anyone’s face. Not only is this scary for the person who’s getting the gun pointed at, it’s dangerous.

Gel blasters are toys, but they’re pretty powerful ones. If you get hit from a gel disc, it’ll hurt, but not too much. However, firing the gun at someone right in the face would cause the gel discs to hit their eyes or cause a serious, serious bruise. This would be a major situation to find yourself in.

As an adult, you may know that this is a bad idea. However, if you have kids, they may point the guns at people’s faces whenever, wherever.

Conceal It in Public

Gel blasters are cool because they look a lot like real guns. Although great, this is one of their downfalls as you could easily fool someone. If you’re out in public and have the blaster with you, people are going to panic.

You could even find yourself getting arrested, which obviously isn’t something you’d want. You won’t be able to show the officer it’s a toy gun unless you try and fire it, which would be a very bad idea.

Wear Protective Gear

Gel blasters aren’t dangerous; however, you have to be careful around them. If you use them without protective eye gear, you’re going to find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

Protective eye gear is a must, but if you really want to, you could get body gear too. This is unnecessary but would help you combat bruising.

Don’t Get It Used

Whatever you do, don’t get a gel blaster used. This would be a horrible mistake as the person you bought the toy from could’ve meddled with the barrel, causing the gel discs to shoot out much faster than they should. This is why it’s hard to find gel blasters being sold second hand.

Instead, sites like should be your go to.

Supervise Kids

Yeah, they’re toys, but you shouldn’t let your kids around the guns unless you’re around. You never know what they could do with it, so someone could end up getting seriously hurt.

Not only should you supervise your kids when they’re playing with the blasters, you should ensure they’re the right age. Children shouldn’t handle them unless they’re over the age of 12, for obvious reasons.

Do Not Block the Barrel

Also, whatever you do, ensure your hand is away from the barrel when you’re firing. The gel discs are firing at a considerable speed so having your hand exposed to it, point black would hurt you. Moreover, it could cause the gel blaster to backfire.

With that done and dusted, it’s easy to see there’s a few things that have to be considered before you purchase a blaster, so what do you think?