“Kangaroo Dundee’s” The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs


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Chris “Brolga” Barns aka Kangaroo Dundee has a unique compassion for Kangaroos which in turn has taken him on a life changing journey with these Aussie outback icons to help better their lives and survival.

In 2005 Brolga established the Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre, later in 2009-2011 Brolga then went on to build his own wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary cares for the orphaned and or injured kangaroo joeys (babies) whose mothers had been hit by a passing car or otherwise killed. He also educates the local and international travellers about how to prevent collisions with wildlife, prevent outback tragedies such as baby kangaroos being left to die and how there is always something we can do to help.

Kangaroo Dundee also offers Guided Sunset Tours of his famous 90 acre home to see his kangaroo family in person. You will have the pleasure of seeing these beautiful creatures come to life after their day-time sleep and learn of the significance of all Australian wildlife.