Mid State Shearing Shed


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The Mid-State Shearing Shed was built in a disused railway goods shed by a group of retired shearers and the people of Nyngan.

Their wish was to inform the public of the important contribution that the shearing industry is continuing to make to Nyngan and New South Wales.

The organisers also wished for the Mid-State Shearing Shed to display the talents of the local artists.

These can be seen on the large murals that cover many of the walls.

The Mid-State Shearing Shed is situated on the Mitchell Highway adjacent to a newly constructed parking bay and the Centenary of Federation – Pioneers Walkway.

The Mid-State Shearing Shed is generously run by volunteers who are filled with knowledge of the years gone by

Open from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday, or by appointment.

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