Tom Price Attractions


Tom Price Tours and Attractions

Kings Lake

Kings Lake, situated approximately 5 km from Tom Price just past the Caravan Park, is a lovely recreation area with a man made lake (not suitable for swimming) surrounded by lush green grass. There are barbecue facilities, a covered gazebo and plenty of room for playing ball games. Camping is not allowed.

Mount Nameless

Mount Nameless overlooks Tom Price and stands at 1128m above sea level. The view from the summit is spectacular -the Hamersley Iron Mine, the Tom Price township and the surrounding hills and plains. A gravel road provides access to 4WD vehicles only. There is also a walking trail to the summit which can be reached via the Caravan Park. The walk involves a bit of climbing, however there are rails along these areas. It takes about I1/2 hours to reach to the top going at a medium pace.

Town Lookout

The Tom Price lookout point is situated in the South area of the town and is accessible to all vehicles. The view is just over the town and golf course. If you follow South Road the lookout is at the end. It is also a very pleasant walk from either of the Hotels in Tom Price.

Parks and Gardens

Experience the lovely parks, gardens and children's playgrounds in Tom Price, Onslow, Paraburdoo and Pannawonica. See the town maps for details or ask at the Tourist Bureau in Tom Price.

Half Way Creek

On the road to Paraburdoo there is secluded picnic spot called Halfway Creek. Gum trees line the river and the birds and wildflowers make for an idyllic and relaxing setting.

Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus is the world's largest rock. It towers 717 metres above the surrounding plain and is 1105 metres above sea level. Mt. Augustus is more than twice the size of Ayers Rock and a totally different shape. The track between Tom Price and Mt. Augustus is a challenge for the avid four wheel drivers.